Credible Information Sources on Addiction

addiction informationThe internet is full of information, some legitimate and some not so much. Anyone is free to add content to the internet, so professional opinions andĀ uninformed opinions alike compete for attention and readership. Information on mental health issues such as addiction is very important to verify before spreading further, because if it is a non-credible source of information, it can do more harm than good. To ensure that the addiction information you found online is credible, make sure that it comes from either an established news source, a professional or academic opinion or another form of quality research with cited sources.

Established news sources, such as a well-trusted newspaper or a time-tested editorial, can be a great source of information on addiction. Often, these forms of journalism attract the highest quality writers who stand behind every bit of research contained within the piece. They make use of legitimate sources such as academic studies or interviews with industry professionals to provide the best in factual information. If you want to circulate addiction information from a trusted news source, chances are it is a worthwhile read.

Professional and academic opinions on addiction are invaluable pieces of insight on the internet. Studies conducted by mental health research institutions, articles written by PhD holders in psychology and psychiatry and information provided by addiction industry professionals are excellent pieces of information to make available to the public online. When it comes to credibility and accountability in writing on addiction, these sources are the best.

There are other quality forms of information on addiction available online, such as student dissertations and personal interest group pieces. Someone with intellect who is willing to work at collecting and organizing research can produce important information. The staff of rehabilitation centers, such as drug detox clinics and alcohol rehabs Canada, can also be expert sources of information. These pieces are often found in blogs or private websites that internet users subscribe to and end up sharing through social media and other websites. Quality information on addiction is available online to those willing to seek it out.

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