Chat Rooms and Forums about Addiction

forum chat room addictionIt is very important to have quality information on addiction available online, but it is also very important to have online space for people to discuss the matter of addiction. Receiving information is only the first step in processing it as a society. Socially negotiating it and arriving at conclusions about it is the second step. This is where online chat rooms and forums become valuable. In online chat rooms and forums, people can discuss, debate and ask questions about the information they have received on addiction, as well as express their own personal opinions on the subject.

Chat rooms and forums created for the purpose of discussing addiction allow people the opportunity to be emotionally invested in the matter. Many people have personal experiences with addiction, either through a family member, a friend or from firsthand experience. Sharing personal information with others about how addiction is perceived can be very helpful. It can broaden people’s understanding of the matter and correct fallacies that people have held on to.

An important method of determining how we feel about addiction as a society is through social negotiation. When we have the opportunity to disseminate the things we learn socially and factor in the perceptions of others, we form a collective opinion that has roots in community and culture. Sometimes these social negotiations do not come out as informed or ethical as they should be, as many opinions of addiction have historically been, but as more and more accurate information on addiction is circulated online, the more worthwhile discussion topics can be brought to places like online chat rooms and forums.

When people unify for a cause, action is initiated by unified opinions. The spread of information is only the beginning of action through unity. When people receive quality information on addiction and meet online to discuss it further, bi-products of social negotiation can include committees, support groups, fundraisers, membership opportunities and other community efforts that aim to set public perceptions of addiction right.

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